EL CAMINO Trailer: Jesse Pinkman Is Back

But what is he up to?

We’ve all had a moment to absorb the sudden news that Vince Gilligan and Netflix have come together to make a Breaking Bad sequel movie focused on Jesse Pinkman called El Camino. Now the time has come for that film to start showing itself. We’ll see the whole thing in just a couple of weeks, but for now, we’ll have to make do with the film’s first trailer:

I like it! We already figured there’d be a bit where Pinkman gets cleaned up after escaping those nasty Nazis and most of this trailer focuses on what. Which means we don’t get a whole lot of indication where exactly this is going plot wise, once he gets back on his feet. That’s exactly how I want it.

The world probably didn’t NEED a Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad sequel movie but with Gilligan in charge, I’m confident there will be a good reason for this to exist once it’s all said and done. And honestly, maybe it doesn’t even need a reason. I just want to hang out with this character again and hope we get to see him achieve some kind of peaceful resolution in the end. Good grief, he deserves it.

El Camino hits Netflix October 11.