The UNCUT GEMS Trailer Takes Adam Sandler For A Ride

This is going to be great.

We are all very excited for Uncut Gems here at BMD. Of course a big bunch of that comes from our love for the Safdie brothers. But let’s be real. I think a lot of us deep down like Adam Sandler and want to see him in cool movies.

Well, Uncut Gems certainly looks like a cool movie to me. Check the trailer out below:

Damn, that energy! This movie is going to be a whirlwind of Adam Sandler fucking up and getting punched in the face and I am here for it. The only bad part is waiting until December 13 to finally see this. If you’re having trouble with that, you can help pass the time by checking out our review of the film out of TIFF. Beyond that, I just can’t help you. Maybe do Yoga or something.

Oh shit, I just saw Eric Bogosian is in this too. Okay, Yoga won’t help. Just go into a coma until Christmas.