Behold: THE IRISHMAN’s Digitally De-Aged Robert De Niro

Some very unique uncanny effects going on here.

Everyone's curious about Martin Scorsese's new Netflix The Irishman, and not just because it reunites Marty, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, and a damned fascinating epic organised crime story. Its digital de-aging technology, used to tell its story across multiple decades, has been discussed extensively by the director, and was largely responsible for the film's budget ballooning to $160 million. What will those effects look like, after all this time and money? Netflix today released a series of images, ahead of the film's October 4 NYFF premiere, depicting De Niro's character in four distinct (de-)aging scenarios. The results are interesting, and for reasons I wouldn't have predicted.

Though it's hard to tell the technical quality of the VFX without seeing moving footage, there's an intriguing effect around the most heavily de-aged De Niro I wouldn't have predicted. People's faces subtly change shape as they age, and the Robert De Niro we see in a helmet below is someone with the same facial structure as present-day Robert De Niro, but at a younger age. Robert De Niro at that age had a slightly different facial structure, even if the aging qualities of his skin were similar. The result is a little uncanny, a kind of halfway point between two Roberts De Niro, and it'll be mighty interesting to see the effect in motion.

Check out the images for yourself:

The Irishman hits select theatres on November 1st, and will be available to stream on Netflix from November 27th.