Rejoice: Kevin Feige Will Produce One More SPIDER-MAN Movie

Hey, it all worked out.

Following a very public separation, Disney and Sony appear to have worked things out and come to an agreement for the sake of their Spider-Child, as Deadline reveals that Marvel's Kevin Feige will return to produce one more Spider-Man sequel starring Tom Holland, expected to hit theaters in 2021. In exchange, Spidey will be allowed to appear in another (unspecified, for now) movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's great news all around, particularly given the relatively cold shoulders thrown by both sides in what seemed like an abrupt and senseless separation – and especially good news for Sony, as it was looking more and more like Peter Parker's first internship out of high school would be with Eddie Brock (which would've been kinda funny, if we're being honest). 

After the (very fictional) events of Far From Home and Avengers: Endgame, isolating Holland's Peter Parker from the MCU might've been extremely awkward: There'd be no mention of his mentor and father figure, Tony Stark, in a future Spider-Man movie, and Happy Hogan would simply... vanish? Pretty rude to Aunt May, IMHO. 

In any case, Sony and Disney's inability to reach an agreement for Spidey's future felt like a pretty big misstep for the former. It's nice when corporations can work things out and overcome their differences. Now Spider-Man can spend a summer with his Cool Disney Dad and all his fun Marvel friends before heading home to his other dad, who admittedly does not have his shit together but is trying very hard to be a decent provider.