STRANGER THINGS 4 Teaser Heads To The Upside Down

The Duffer Brothers are officially back for a fourth installment.

Following the release of Stranger Things 3, the Duffer Brothers revealed that they had yet to formally sign on for a fourth installment of the nostalgia-driven sci-fi series – which seemed awfully silly because another season was obviously in the cards. And lo, the inevitable has come to pass, as Netflix has released a teaser for Stranger Things 4

The brief teaser ends with the ominous tagline "We're not in Hawkins anymore," indicating that the fourth chapter of the series will be dominated by a trip to the Upside Down – lending credence to the theory that Eleven (or Elle) and her pals will set off on a mission to rescue Hopper, whose fate was left somewhat ambiguous-ish in the third season finale. Unfortunately, Joyce, Will, and Elle have ditched Hawkins, which means we're going to have to sit through at least an episode or three of table-setting while the gang gets back together. In addition to the announcement teaser, The Wrap reports that the Duffer Brothers have signed an overall production deal with Netflix; hopefully that means they're working toward the endgame for Stranger Things, which can't reasonably last much longer without becoming more redundant. (Sorry, I enjoy the series, but it's true.)