Okay, You Win, The New HIS DARK MATERIALS Trailer Is Good

A good looking Tom Hooper joint? 2019 continues to amaze.

I’ve been down on HBO’s His Dark Materials adaptation for three reasons. One, I do not like Tom Hooper’s films. That seems like a pretty solid ground for disapproval. Two, I’m irritated by the casting of Lin-Manuel Miranda as cowboy-esque tough guy Lee Scoresby. That one seems more like me just being an asshole. And three, I am a big asshole.

The irony is I adore this book series and should be totally pumped for any adaptation. I even found bits to like about the 2007 attempt at adapting this and that film is filled with problems. This is all to say, I do want to like this. It’s just that so far, it’s been very difficult.

Today that changes somewhat with this incredible new trailer for the series, which dictates that yes, I will watch this:

What do you think? Am I crazy or does this look way better than expected? The first bit of this lands in exactly one month so we won’t have to wait long to find out what Hooper has in store for us.