Stephen King’s Next Book Awesomely Titled IF IT BLEEDS

A collection of four new King novellas is headed our way next year.

As just revealed by the good folks at Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King's next book is a four novella collection called If It Bleeds. Let us all take a moment to appreciate what a good title that is, and how thankful we are for it, and indeed how excited we are to have a new Stephen King novella collection headed our way early next year.

You can head on over to EW if you'd like to see the cover (we'd include it here, but EW gets very touchy about that sort of thing and we simply don't have time for confrontations today), which features a cat's head with a rat embedded in it. As described, I realize that doesn't sound very cool, but we're into it. 

The four included novellas are:

  • Mr. Harrigan's Phone
  • The Life of Chuck
  • Rat
  • If It Bleeds

Couple interesting things to note here: one, EW's report excerpts one of these stories - it's not clear which - and based on what's there, it appears to be a follow-up to last year's The Outsider, soon to be a limited series from HBO. And two, we're wondering if Mr. Harrigan's Phone might have any connection to Earl Harrigan, a character whose name might ring a few bells with Dark Tower fans. Of course, that could just be a coincidence (we're pretty sure King's recycled surnames in the past), but also: this is Stephen King we're talking about here, and you know how that dude loves to play connect-the-dots with his own mythology. We're curious to learn more.

Anyway, If It Bleeds arrives on May 5th of next year and can be preordered on Amazon even as we speak. You know what to do.