Martin Scorsese Has Some Opinions About Marvel Movies

Marty, you rascal!

In case you haven't read Twitter over the past, oh, 12-14 hours (wow you're so brave), you may have missed the latest pop culture controversy, which has affected both FilmTwitter and ComicBookMovieFanTwitter: Martin Scorsese does not care for Marvel movies. It's not a terribly shocking revelation from a master filmmaking elder, and yet... 

Speaking with Empire magazine, Scorsese said that he's "tried" to watch Marvel movies, but ultimately he thinks they are "not cinema." More like the Marvel UNcinematic Universe LOL OWNED. But seriously, here's what he thinks: 

Honestly, the closest I can think of them, as well made as they are, with actors doing the best they can under the circumstances, is theme parks. It isn’t the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.

Despite appraising them as "well made," Scorsese can't help but throw a little shade. And hey, that's fine. Not everyone enjoys Marvel movies, just like not everyone enjoys vape pods or TikTok videos or whatever else the kids are into these days. Still, Scorsese's comments were enough to get Twitter all riled up, as if a difference of opinion is worth yelling abou–oh wait, it's the internet. Nevermind. Anyway, have fun discussing this in the comments. I'll be over here with my vape pods.