PICARD And STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Boldly Drop New Trailers On A Saturday

Kind of a good news, bad news thing.

The NYCC is firing on all cylinders this weekend. Which is to say it is generating actual news. Yesterday the con hosted a big Star Trek panel which produced not one but two very exciting trailers: one for the much-anticipated Picard and one for the somewhat anticipated third season of Discovery.

Let’s start with Discovery first:

Okay okay, I have a rough relationship with this show. I hated season one and it took a lot of convincing from friends to get me back back for season two. I’m glad I did. While still not totally my cup of tea overall, season two introduced actual likable characters in the form of Captain Pike and, amazingly enough, young Spock all while telling a story that ultimately won me over.

Season three is intriguing if only because we are finally going to see what the future of Star Trek looks like. Based on the above trailer, it looks like trouble.

And speaking of the Star Trek future (in the timeline, I mean) there’s Picard. Bring your tissues:

Sure, it’s possible this show will be garbage. But it just looks so good and I can’t watch one of these trailers without getting choked up. This one has the added bonus of Riker and Troi. But more than that, it’s hard to watch old Picard being disrespected by the Federation. Get out there and show them what you’re made of Jean Luc, damn. Also it’s looking less and less likely that his dog is going into outer space with him, which is a bummer.

These dropped yesterday so they’re not really news anymore. Consider this an open thread to discuss both. And be civil. It is Star Trek after all.