Jason Statham And Guy Ritchie Are Getting Back Together

Let’s hope this is a cause for celebration.

Guy Ritchie, the old school Guy Ritche, is coming back to theaters soon with his new crime film, The Gentlemen. Supposedly this will mark a return to form from the director but it’s hard to get too excited as one major element from his glory days remains missing from the picture: Jason Statham.

Ritchie apparently feels this way as well and Deadline reports the two are getting back together after all. Statham and Ritchie will reread for a currently-untitled remake of French thriller Le Convoyeur. Sadly, I haven’t seen Le Convoyeur but it appears to revolve around a guy working for a cash truck company that drives around gazillions of dollars a day. I assume he is a large target for theft.

Not all Statham-Ritchie joints are equal, as anyone who sat through the ambitious but super messy Revolver can attest. But I’m excited to see what they can offer now that they’re all grown up and firmly entrenched in their own separate celebrity mythologies. Which is to say, let’s hope this movie is great! And while we’re on it, I have high hopes for The Gentlemen too, even though it will sadly lack that patented Jason Statham charm.