Clive Owen Just Joined Bad Robot’s LISEY’S STORY Adaptation

Welcome to the Stephen King multiverse, Clive Owen.

As you know, Bad Robot and Apple recently joined forces for an eight-hour adaptation of Stephen King's Lisey's Story, and every step of the way it's been clear that they are not effing around: they brought in King himself to write the script, hired Pablo Larrain (Jackie) to direct, and they managed to get Julianne Moore for the titular role. Spared no expense, and all that.

Well, they're not done yet: according to Deadline, Clive Owen has just joined the Lisey's Story cast, in the role of Scott Landon, husband to Moore's Lisey. In the novel, Scott's death leads to a series of revelations - some of which Lisey never knew, some of which were long forgotten. It's a weird, deeply personal novel, one which is quite honestly better left unexplained via a two- or three-sentence plot synopsis, but trust us when we say that Owen's a good fit for this role. 

As of now, there's no word on when we might actually see Larrain's series (note: we assume you'll need to be subscribed to Apple+ to see it, period, but that's another conversation for another day), but with the rest of the cast coming together we expect shooting to begin in somewhat short order. Stay tuned for further Lisey's Story updates as they roll in. We're excited about this one!