Eddie Murphy Says COMING TO AMERICA 2 Will Be Rated PG-13

Well, fuck.

Eddie Murphy's making the interview rounds right now in support of Craig Brewer's Dolemite Is My Name (which, before we go on, is worth noting as one of the funniest, most crowd-pleasing movies we've seen all year), and in the course of speaking to CinemaBlend about the film he dropped an interesting tidbit about he and Brewer's next project, Coming to America 2.

Asked why he drifted away from the R-rated comedies of his early career, Murphy says:

“I think what happened was, there was a period when Hollywood was on some PG-13… that’s how you reached most audiences. And there was, maybe, a 15-year period where that’s all everybody was doing. So I got caught up in that shit. But no, doing [Dolemite], we went, ‘This movie has to be rated R because of the way Rudy Ray Moore was.’ But I’m doing [the sequel to] Coming to America, and that’s PG-13.”

Ah. Well. That's...hm. 

On the one hand, Coming to America 2's being planned as a holiday release, and making the film PG-13 is all but guaranteed to pull in bigger crowds. From a business standpoint, sure, makes sense. Furthermore, PG-13 comedies have been getting edgier over time, and of course it's possible to make a funny movie without 15,000 F-bombs in it.

On the other hand, Dolemite Is My Name got us very hyped for the return of a no-fucks-given, R-rated Eddie Murphy, and it's hard not to be disappointed to learn that isn't what Coming to America 2 will offer us. Of course we'll need to reserve judgment until we've actually seen the film, but for now we're taking a "Not angry, but disappointed" stance on this.

How 'bout y'all? Do you care about Coming to America 2 being PG-13? Don't think it'll matter? Not into the idea of a Coming to America sequel in the first place? Whatever your opinion is, please hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts, and do stay tuned for more on Coming to America 2 (and Dolemite Is My Name!) as further updates roll in.