New Trailer For Pixar’s ONWARD Reveals This Movie To Be Way Weirder Than We Realized

You need to see this.

Until today, all we really knew about Pixar's Onward was that it was set in a world where magic and goblins and the like exist, that it features the vocal talents of both Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, and that it looked like a fun, goofy, road trip comedy. 

And now there's this trailer...

So, as it turns out, Onward is about two teenage elf brothers - Holland's Ian and Pratt's Barley - who set off on an epic quest to restore their long-dead father's spirit so they can spend one last day with him. This happens after the brothers attempt to summon their dead dad and only get as far as turning him into a walking pair of pants. Am I hallucinating?

It's a weird premise, yes, but let's not pretend like this movie isn't gonna pack the same emotional punch as, say, Coco or Inside Out (If anyone can take a wacky premise and turn it into a devastatingly powerful weapon of emotional warfare, it's Pixar). Plus, it just looks gorgeous - there's all kinds of fun details packed into this trailer, and the animation's as good as it's ever been. We weren't expecting this to be what Onward was about, but we'll definitely be there to see it when it opens on March 6th.

But how 'bout y'all? Feeling this? Are you as shook and delighted by its weirdo premise as we are? Sound off in the comments below, and do stay tuned for more on Onward as further updates become available.