A New CHARLIE’S ANGELS Trailer Is Here To Day Drink And Have Fun

Your kids are going to love this.

This new Charlie’s Angels trailer is basically telling me that I am really fucking old. There are a bunch of actors; I know maybe three of them. Then at the end there is some kind of second set of Charlie’s Angels and I don’t know any of them, though I suspect one might be Miley Cyrus:

And then after the end there is yet another, much darker set from the future:

I guess you should just see for yourself. Maybe you'll have more luck figuring out who everyone is:

Of course, my opinion is irrelevant. This was not made for me. The question is whether its target audience will respond to what's being teased in the trailer. Because while everyone is definitely smiling and having fun and kicking ass, I'm not quite sure that fun is going both ways. This seems just like a lot of flashy noise to me. The sounds of jokes without the actual jokes.

But again, this isn't quite my jam to begin with. Perhaps it will land differently for the rest of you. I sure hope it does because I like Elizabeth Banks and and would love to see her making more movies. 

Charlie's Angels comes out November 15.