OPEN THREAD: Well, What’d You Think Of EL CAMINO?

In which BREAKING BAD gets a very BREAKING BAD post-script.

Warning: Do not read this post until you've seen El Camino.

Yesterday, Vince Gilligan's long-awaited Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, landed on Netflix. Starring Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman and a number of characters that'd be familiar to any fan of the series (including Jesse Plemons' Todd, Jonathan Banks' Mike and - last, but certainly not least - Bryan Cranston's Walter White), El Camino finally brought closure to Jesse's storyline. Yes, we all saw him escape at the end of Breaking Bad's series finale, but what happened next?

Well, as it turns out, Jesse got himself into a number of other misadventures before arriving in Alaska, ferried there by none other than Robert Forster's Ed (many of us went from watching Forster's performance in El Camino to finding out about his tragic death last night, and it was quite the gut-punch). This being a Breaking Bad joint, there were plenty of twists and turns along the way - many of them appearing in flashbacks set before the series ended - as well as no small amount of bloodshed and jaw-clenching tension. Vince Gilligan is still very much the master of this particular domain. 

So what'd I think? Y'know, El Camino didn't add much to Breaking Bad's overall mythology (it's a love letter to fans more than anything else), but I'm so glad it exists. It was a true delight spending time with these characters again, to see Jesse outwitting a new batch of chumps and - at the end of it all - finding something like peace. I wasn't particularly blown away by El Camino, but I was glued to the screen through every second of it. 

But what did you think? Did El Camino scratch whatever Breaking Bad itch you may have had? What were your favorite sequences (for the record, I was all-in on everything involving Todd)? Your least favorite? Think you'll revisit this one when you stage your occasional Breaking Bad series rewatches, or skip it? Hit us with all your opinions on El Camino in the comments below.