Here’s A Huge Sizzle Reel Of Everything Coming To Disney+

For anyone who wants to watch a three-hour trailer for a streaming service.

You may have heard that Disney's coming out with their big new streaming service next month. You may have also seen them listing every film and tv show that will be on said streaming service on launch day, in what may be the longest Twitter thread of all time. Well, if you want to know exactly what you'll be able to watch on Disney+ come launch day November 12, you no longer have to crash your browser looking through that thread, because Disney has made a three-hour reel containing all the expected content.

Have a look below, if you don't believe me:

If you have the infinite time and temerity to watch this thing the whole way through, you'll probably find some glaring omissions, (like, where the hell is The Straight Story, you Mickey Mouse muthafuckas??) but all in all, it's impressive how comprehensive Disney is being about their library. They've basically included a facet of every strain of their output since 1937 - including animations, live-action features, serials, shows, and TV movies - and put it all in one video, with clips of actual footage for every title. When I was studying film history and I had to collect evidence about Warner Bros. gangster film output from 1923-1945, I would have killed for this sort of thing. It's a veritable historical document, and Disney's using it to sell a streaming service!

Disney+ launches November 12, and I think all of us know whether or not we're going to subscribe by now. If you're still on the fence, I'm sure the knowledge that they'll have 1987's Three Men and a Baby will be the deciding factor.