This New BOMBSHELL Trailer Is Phenomenal

We're all in for Jay Roach's FOX News takedown.

The first teaser trailer for Bombshell arrived in August, and at the time we lost our minds for it: here was a new Jay Roach political dramedy, possibly something in the vein of his excellent Game Change (seriously: see Game Change if you have not already seen Game Change), starring a murderer's row of actresses (including Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and Kate McKinnon), and it had its crosshairs set firmly on the FOX News media empire. 

Now we've got a full trailer for Roach's film, and guess what? It's somehow even better than that nerve-rattling teaser.

This is an excellent trailer. Everyone involved appears to be bringing their A-game, the dialogue is punchy and sharp, John Lithgow looks positively freakish (in the best way possible!) as FOX News head honcho Roger Ailes (RIP gentle angel), and they even managed to get some Billie Eilish on the soundtrack. I have interrupted the writing of this post twice in order to rewatch this trailer. 

Here's an official plot synopsis, should you need one:

"Female employees at Fox News take on a toxic male culture, leading to the downfall of media mogul Roger Ailes."

Too soon to start talking about this one's odds at the Oscars? Probably not. Bombshell screened for select press and other VIP-types earlier this week, and the word out of that screening was stellar. We are very excited about this one, and will be there when it opens on December 20th. How 'bout y'all? Sound off in the comments below.