Jonah Hill Is No Longer In Talks For THE BATMAN

Please update your records accordingly.

Several weeks ago, we learned that Jonah Hill was actively negotiating with Warner Bros. to appear in Matt Reeves' forthcoming The Batman. At the time, we were told Hill was looking at two different roles, both of them villainous, and the general consensus seemed to be that at least one of them was probably The Riddler or The Penguin (he was probably not going for Poison Ivy).

Ah, but the business of show is notoriously fickle, and it turns out that Jonah Hill is no longer in contention for any roles in The Batman.

Says Variety:

"Why exactly Hill is passing is currently unknown, and insiders tell Variety that when the news was initially reported, it was very early in the negotiations and that a deal was far from closing."

 THR's Borys Kit, meanwhile, has a smidge more information on the situation:

UPDATE: And furthermore...

Huh. Well, first of all, that sounds kind of cool. And secondly, it sounds like Hill and Warner Bros. just couldn't agree on a number here, which is unfortunate: we'd have really enjoyed seeing Hill take on a role like, say, Calendar Man or (per Kit's tweet above) The Riddler. Oh, well, whatcanyado?

Anyway, plenty more The Batman casting news headed our way. Buckle up for that, and do hit the comments below if you've got anything important to add here.