First Trailer For HBO’s Adaptation Of Stephen King’s THE OUTSIDER Looks Outstanding

I will always believe Jason Bateman did it.

Warning: There are NO SPOILERS in this post.

I haven’t read Stephen King’s The Outsider yet, so I am here in total ignorance. I cannot possibly spoil anything with my speculations regarding the below trailer for HBO’s adaptation of the book. I repeat: I do not know if Jason Bateman killed some kid in the show. Like many of you, I want to believe he did it, but until I see this thing or read it ahead of time, I cannot be sure.

Oh, I forgot to post the trailer. Here you go:

So Ben Mendelsohn has to figure out if Jason Bateman killed a kid or not. The DNA evidence says he did, but he has a pretty strong alibi. This is Stephen King, so it was probably an elderly wizard who wears a leather jacket and quotes Bob Dylan who did the deed. But again, I’ll have to watch the show to be sure.

And I probably will watch this show because it looks great, centered upon a mystery I already want to see solved. Plus that cast! We got two great names already, but Paddy Considine is apparently in this as well. And who can say no to Mare Winningham? Not me, that’s who!

As the trailer says, you can all look forward to this hitting early next year, January 12 to be exact. That gives you plenty of time to secretly read the book and look smart “guessing” at the plot’s outcome with your friends.