A New OUTER WORLDS Trailer Is Here To Remind Us That This Game Comes Out Next Week

And it looks AWESOME.

It's embarrassing to admit (because, really, we've been looking forward to this game like crazy), but it wasn't until just yesterday that Team BMD realized that Obsidian's The Outer Worlds - a brand-new spacefaring RPG which appears to contain no small amount of Fallout DNA and a generous supply of extremely cool weapons - hits stores next week. What can I say? We've had a lot going on.

But today brings us a launch trailer for Obsidian's latest, and it serves as a rock-solid reminder that we're gonna end up spending most of next week parked on our couches, exploring The Outer Worlds and getting into as much mischief as we possibly can. Just look at this thing:

I watch this trailer and I get excited in all the ways I feel like I was supposed to get excited about Borderlands 3. A strange new world (well, worlds) to explore? A quippy cast of characters, each with a defined and entertaining personality? Big-ass guns, bigger-ass monsters, a distinct western/sci-fi flavor? The promise of a new Obsidian title that might recapture some of that Fallout: New Vegas magic? And it's not gonna force me into a multiplayer situation? Yes, this seems like just what the doctor ordered. I cannot wait to get my hands on this thing. Here's hoping it delivers.

The Outer Worlds hits stores on October 25th. Y'all hyped for this one, or is it just us? Sound off in the comments below.