Robert Zemeckis May Direct Disney’s Live-Action PINOCCHIO Remake

Yet another big day for PINOCCHIO fans!

With The Witches in post-production and Welcome to Marwen a thing we've all collectively agreed never to mention again, it's time for Robert Zemeckis to start thinking about his next directorial effort, and - according to the folks over at Variety - he may've already found it: Disney's long-gestating, live-action remake of Pinocchio.

Yes, that's right, Pinocchio is still very much happening. You might've thought the whole project had fallen apart back when Paddington director Paul King stepped down from the gig, but you would be sorrowfully mistaken. All over the world, people are out in the streets, foaming at the mouth and screaming to the heavens for someone, anyone, to make yet another Pinocchio movie, and by God they are gonna get it.

While you or I might not be particularly interested in another take on Pinocchio (might not even be particularly interested in further live-action Disney remakes, come to think of it!), it is worth noting that Zemeckis is an admittedly great choice for this. He'll handily nail the big set pieces. He'll definitely bring in big talent for the live-action roles (Tom Hanks was circling the project at one point, but is apparently no longer involved). This is the kind of thing Zemeckis could do in his sleep. He's maybe not the most exciting choice, sure, but you hear "Robert Zemeckis doing a live-action Pinocchio" and you pretty much know exactly what you're gonna get (which, in Disney's case, probably means about $250M domestic. Minimum.).

Anyhoo, Zemeckis hasn't signed on just yet, but things are looking good. Until we hear otherwise, we're gonna assume this is where this project's headed. Stay tuned for further updates as they roll in.