Sam Raimi Is Directing A New Horror Movie

It's about damn time.

Over the past several years, Sam Raimi has eyed a handful of potential projects to direct, but none of them have stuck. According to a report from THR, that may very well change as Raimi has signed on to direct a new film – and good news for Raimi fans: it's a horror flick. The filmmaker behind the Evil Dead franchise, Spider-ManDrag Me To Hell, and emo Peter Parker is directing an untitled horror-thriller described as "Misery meets Cast Away." That's a pretty intriguing idea; like, what if Tom Hanks only believed he was stranded on an island with an imaginary volleyball-friend, who then turns out to be a demented companion who hobbles Hanks so he can't get away? Anyway, it's fun to think about. 

Raimi will reportedly direct the film based on a script by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, whose previous credits include Freddy vs. Jason, the fairly decent Friday the 13th reboot, and, uh, Baywatch. They also collaborated with Raimi on an as-yet-produced Bermuda Triangle movie. Columbia Pictures, which produced Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, is backing the new horror-thriller. Now we just wait and see if this one actually sticks.