Lots Of Bad Things Happen To Vin Diesel In The First BLOODSHOT Trailer

Yeah, remember? BLOODSHOT! That's still happening!

Well, it's finally here - the first trailer for David Wilson's Bloodshot.

Based on the Valiant comic series of the same name, Bloodshot stars Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison, a soldier who dies in battle only to be resurrected by the in-no-way nefarious RST Corporation, who take the liberty of replacing Garrison's blood with nanotech robots while he's knocked the fuggout. Now possessed with superhuman strength, the ability to heal wounds on the fly, and an extremely bad attitude, Garrison then discovers...

Well, just watch. 

Yeah, okay, you get it: Ray Garrison is now a super soldier, a weasely government stooge (Guy Pearce) is pulling his strings, and he'll have to murder his way through a whole bunch of beefy dudes wearing tactical gear if he ever wants to learn the truth about what happened. Along the way, he will punch a man with robot arms, draw happy faces on a windshield, and listen to the same song over and over again. 

Bloodshot doesn't look bad, per se, but it does look more than a little uninspired, and it's a bummer that Bloodshot himself doesn't even appear in full Bloodshot regalia here - y'know, the blindingly white skin, the big red dot on the chest, and so on. If Bloodshot doesn't show up looking like Bloodshot until the final 10 minutes of Bloodshot, do not be surprised. 

Anyway, this movie, which does not yet have an official poster and whose trailer we are only just now seeing, opens on February 21st of next year.