Taylor Kitsch Will Maybe Hunt A Humanoid Beast In Neill Blomkamp’s INFERNO

Something strange is afoot in the desert, and Taylor Kitsch is on the case.

As of late, you may have found yourself thinking, "I wonder what John Carter of Mars star Taylor Kitsch is up to these days?" You might also have found yourself thinking, "I wonder what Chappie director Neill Blomkamp is up to these days?" The following post is a two birds, one stone-type deal which will answer both of these questions. 

According to Variety, Neill Blomkamp and Taylor Kitsch, both of whom you've been wondering about lately, are teaming up for a brand-new thriller by the name of Inferno. Now you're wondering what Inferno's about. Don't worry, we have an answer for that one, too:

"[In Inferno, Taylor Kitsch] will star as a cop who is called to investigate a seemingly ordinary murder in the New Mexico desert. There he uncovers a deeper conspiracy and begins to suspect that the killer he’s trying to find may be a humanoid beast."

Yes, that's right: Inferno stars Taylor Kitsch as a cop unraveling a strange conspiracy in the New Mexican desert, one which may or may not involve a "humanoid beast". This being a Neill Blomkamp project, we're willing to bet that the conspiracy does, in fact, feature a humanoid beast, and we are looking forward to the sight of Taylor Kitsch doing battle with it.

It's been some time since Blomkamp directed a feature, and perhaps even longer since Kitsch headlined one. We're curious to see what they come up with here, and will cross our fingers that it delivers on the promise of that logline (look, say what you will, but we're never gonna turn our noses up at desert-based conspiracy movies that almost definitely include a humanoid beast). 

Stay tuned for more on Inferno as further updates roll in.