Here’s Who Pedro Pascal Is Playing In WONDER WOMAN 1984

This will probably make some heads turn.

Back in March 2018, Pedro Pascal was cast in Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984 in an unnamed role. Now, thanks to Jenkins' Twitter, that role has a name: "Max". Maxwell Lord, to be specific.

As soon as the first images of WW84 revealed Diana standing in front of an ominous collection of monitors, it wasn't hard to guess that Maxwell Lord and his surveillance trickery would play a role in the film. In the comics, the character of Maxwell Lord has served in many different positions over his 30-year history, including a stint as an antihero, but these days Lord is most well-known for his treacherous machinations during the Infinite Crisis books. That event series saw Lord take control of Batman's Brother Eye surveillance network and use it to assassinate various DC superhumans. His most heinous crime (and the reason I will never respect this character) is shooting Ted "The Blue Beetle" Kord in the face, point-blank, for refusing to help him. What a scumbag!

As for how Maxwell Lord relates to our favorite Themysciran princess, it was a major event in Wonder Woman's recent comics history when she extra-judiciously executed Lord towards the end of the Infinite Crisis tie-in book The OMAC Project. Diana's neck-snapping of Lord on live television caused her to fall out with the founding members of the Justice League and retire from costumed heroics for a full year.

It's not clear exactly what role Pascal's Maxwell Lord will play in Wonder Woman 1984, but seeing as how Jenkins hasn't been shy about the surveillance themes of the upcoming film (get it?1984!), it wouldn't be unfair to assume he'll be a villain. Pedro Pascal is charming as hell, but is he charming enough to make me forget about Ted Kord's blood on his hands? Beetlemaniacs have a long memory.