CW’s SUPERMAN & LOIS Gives Tyler Hoechlin’s Supes His Own Spinoff

Finally, a LOIS & CLARK reboot with 100% less Dean Cain.

Here's a bit of potentially exciting news: we're getting a whole new Superman show. Well, maybe not completely new, because this show will be a spinoff of CBS/CW's Supergirl, featuring Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel. Hoechlin will be joined by Elizabeth Tulloch to star in Superman & Lois, an hourlong drama with a pilot in development at the CW.

Even though Supergirl has been coloring our screens for five seasons now (and Krypton has been over on Syfy existing, apparently), it's nice to see a new show that puts Kal-El and Lois Lane back in the front and center. Especially with Tyler Hoechlin in the role; I don't follow the Arrowverse generally, but the bits and pieces I've seen with him are so delightful. The dude's like a cross between Christopher Reeve and Paul Rudd.

Probably the most interesting thing about this development is that it shows how the CW Arrowverse is no longer WB's "kiddie pool" that major DC characters have to stay out of. I mean, the Arrowverse has been a big deal for a while, but whenever it comes to major names like Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, these shows have had to play it almost covertly so as not to derail attention from the movies. Now, it seems like Warner Bros. has realized that 1) the Arrowverse is a much stronger brand than whatever the DC Extended Universe is at this point, and 2) a new Superman feature film isn't coming any time soon, so they may as well let Hoechlin go nuts with the character in the meantime.

Stay tuned to hear if Superman & Lois goes from pilot to series, and when we might see season 1 (assuming it gets the greeenlight.) Also check back here for our own Amelia Emberwing's DC CW coverage, because this is normally her beat.