New Trailer For THE WITCHER Gives Us All The Reason We Need To Use This Header Photo Again

Show looks pretty cool, too.

It's been some months since we heard anything on Netflix's long-gestating The Witcher series, which - as you certainly know by now - is based on the wildly popular series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Last time this show checked in with us it was July, back during SDCC, and we still had no idea when The Witcher might actually arrive on Netflix.

Well, today brings us a new trailer and a release date, both of which have given us all the reason we need to re-use the photo above, which features Henry Cavill's titular character rocking what can only be described as a fuckin' baller mustache. Please look upon it, or the trailer below, at your convenience.

So, as far as these things go, The Witcher looks alright! Expensive and sweeping and filled with monsters and big dudes brandishing swords. With the next Game of Thrones and Amazon's Lord of The Rings series still far in the future, this may scratch the itch for anyone who's been craving such things.

As for that release date: all eight episodes of The Witcher (yes, just eight! Not thirteen, or five hundred, or whatever unreasonably high episode count Netflix original series tend to be running at these days) will hit said streaming platform on December 20th, just in time for the holidays. Y'all excited for this one? Not so much? Got anything to add here? Please do so below, and stay tuned for more on The Witcher as further updates become available.