Andy Serkis To Buttle Up A Storm In Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN

The master of mo-cap may be your new Alfred Pennyworth.

Here's some interesting news: according to The Wrap, Andy Serkis is in talks to play Bruce Wayne's iconic butler, Alfred Pennyworth, in Matt Reeves' highly-anticipated The Batman.

As you probably already know, this wouldn't be Serkis and Reeves' first time working together: the pair previously collaborated on Reeves' two Planet of The Apes movies, where Serkis played Caesar. It would also not represent Serkis' first foray into the superhero genre: in addition to appearing in last year's Black Panther, Serkis is already signed on to direct next year's Venom 2.

Assuming Serkis' deal goes through, he'll be joining a cast that already includes Robert Pattinson (as the titular crimefighter), Zoe Kravitz (as Selina Kyle/Catwoman), Paul Dano (as The Riddler, here named Edward Nashton), Jeffrey Wright (as Jim Gordon), and Eric Wareheim (as Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow). Haha, just kidding, Eric Wareheim isn't in The Batman. I was just testing to see if you were still reading. 

UPDATE: Also, sounds like Colin Farrell's playing The Penguin.

Nothing further to report at this time, but do stay tuned for further updates on The Batman as they roll in.