We’re Not Bat-Done Yet: Colin Farrell In Talks To Play The Penguin

Get ready for "Penguin is Daddy" memes galore.

Scott just - and I mean JUST - wrote up the news that Andy Serkis is likely to be our next Alfred Pennyworth. That should be enough Bat-news for one day, but that’s now how this shit works. When it rains it pours.

Right now it’s pouring Colin Farrell. Specifically, Deadline is reporting that the actor is in talks to play famous Batman baddie The Penguin. That should be interesting as one of the more consistent trains of this character is his rotund body. Farrell does not have that sort of physicality. Therefore director Matt Reeves has some choices. Does he A) tell Farrell to gain some weight, B) put him in a round suit, or C) say fuck off to our collective idea of what the Penguin looks like and forge a new path toward Penguin hotness. My money is on option three.

Either way, this is turning into quite a cast of villains. We already have a Paul Dano Riddler and Zoe Kravitz Catwoman (though who believes she’ll be a real villain for the whole film?). Adding Farrell to the mix is pretty exciting. Especially after seeing what the guy can do with a serious, dramatic comic book role in Daredevil. All I know for sure is I’m super excited to start seeing what these costumes are going to look like.