Holy Smokes: Donnie Yen Is Back For IP MAN 4 And There’s A Trailer

This will be your day’s best news.

Maybe you already knew about this. I sure didn’t, and I tend to know about these things. Last I heard about the IP Man franchise, it had spun off into the good but not great Master Z: IP Man Legacy. And I was fine with that. Especially since it seems like fewer people saw IP Man 3, which was outstanding and featured a truly incredible fight between Donnie Yen and Mike Tyson.

Well, it turns out I am a dumb idiot who doesn’t know shit because not only is there going to be an IP Man 4 (yes, starring Donnie Yen; and yes, directed by Wilson Yip) but it’s already a finished movie with a trailer and everything. Check it out:

You might have missed it but that was Scott Adkins’ ass Donnie Yen is about to kick. Is it possible for me to be more excited for this film? The answer is absolutely not. This is a sure-fire recipe for greatness and it hits theaters this Christmas. I do not think I will have access to a theater playing it at that time, but I will do my best to see this somehow. This is all the Christmas present I need.