New BAD BOYS FOR LIFE Trailer Saddles Up For One Last Ride

Here comes the bombast.

Today brings us a new trailer for Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah's Bad Boys For Life, the long-gestating (and possibly final!) sequel in the Bad Boys oeuvre. Martin Lawrence is back. Will Smith is back. Joey Pants is back. The bombastic explosions are back. On paper, this should be a total slam dunk. 

In practice? Well...

This trailer's certainly a bit more Michael Bay-ish than the previous one, which arrived back in September (here's a link, in case you feel inclined to revisit), what with its glossy sheen and its decadently overpowered set pieces (Marcus in a sidecar with a Gatling gun! Mike shooting a helicopter out of the sky and making it crash into, well, I don't know what that building is but it looks expensive!), but something still feels off to me about this one. All the original players might be back, but there's a "high-quality cover version of a song you love" feel to the whole thing. Then again, maybe that's just me!

In any event, Bad Boys For Life hits theaters on January 17th. If nothing else, we are certain it will be big, loud, dumb fun, and we'll be there on opening day, fingers crossed that it lives up to the high bar established by Bad Boys 2. Stay tuned for further updates as they roll in.