First Trailer For WENDY Suggests We Can Maybe Make Room For One More PETER PAN Movie

In which BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD's Benh Zeitlin returns.

Here, in no particular order, is a list of the franchises, properties, characters and/or subjects I think we can go ahead and stop building movies around: Robin Hood, FrankensteinA Christmas Carol, Mowgli and/or The Jungle Book, Terminators of any sort (I kinda enjoyed the new one, but really, enough's enough), and Peter Pan. If I live to be two hundred years old and never see another movie based around any of these properties, I will die a happy man...

...but maaaybe I can make room for one more Peter Pan thing.

This, friends, is the first trailer for Benh Zeitlin's Wendy, a reimagining of the classic Peter Pan story as told through the eyes of, you guessed it, Peter's friend Wendy. Here's a case where the subject matter is almost secondary to the production: it's been nearly a decade since Zeitlin came out of nowhere and scored four Oscar nominations on the back of his debut feature, Beasts of The Southern Wild, and now he's finally returned with...this.

Look, even if you have zero interest in another Peter Pan movie, even if you don't like that trailer, even if you kinda suspect this movie's gonna be emotionally manipulative to a degree that's borderline sinister, I don't know how you pass on seeing Zeitlin's follow-up to Beasts of The Southern Wild. And, hey, maybe this retooling of the Peter Pan mythology will be genuinely interesting. Who knows? 

In any event, we're intrigued, and we'll be there when Wendy hits theaters on February 28th. How 'bout y'all?

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