You Really Need To See The Trailer For M. Night Shyamalan’s SERVANT

This one goes from "Sure, okay" to "WTF" in record time.

Before we go on, you absolutely must watch the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Servant. No further discussion can take place until we are all on the same page.

So, up until just now, plot details regarding Servant have been very difficult to come by. We knew it had something to do with a family hiring a nanny (and the spooky goings-on which take place in the wake of that hiring), so you can imagine how delighted we are to learn that, more specifically, Servant revolves around a family that hires a nanny...for their fake baby. 

On the surface, this would seem to be a ridiculous premise, and I'm sure there'll be some amount of snickering from the peanut gallery about Shyamalan's latest (as there sadly tends to be with all Shyamalan releases). But from where we're standing, this set-up's actually pretty interesting. People really do purchase incredibly lifelike faux babies, and many of those folks are doing so as a means for overcoming some kind of personal trauma. It is, admittedly, an unusual practice, but we have zero trouble imagining how one might explore said practice using various horror tropes, and with Shyamalan at the helm we can further imagine this going to some truly bizarre places. 

Here's an official synopsis:

"The series follows parents Dorothy and Sean Turner, who have hired young nanny Leanne to help care for their newborn child. As time goes on, it becomes clear that things are not quite as they seem.”

I remain unsold on an Apple+ subscription, but I'll admit: this is the first time I've been tempted. Servant will debut on Apple+ next month (November 28th, specifically), with a first season comprised of ten 30-minute episodes. What do y'all think? Curious enough about this one to pick up an AppleTV+ sub? Think you'll wait to hear what the reviews say? Are you entirely turned off by the premise and don't think you'll bother either way? We're curious where your heads are at on this, so hit the comments below, let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more on Servant as further updates become available.