Celebrate 15 Years Of LOST With This Exclusive Vinyl From Mondo

Michael Giacchino takes us back with a live recording of his epic score

Grow out that old Depression Jack beard and dig up your favorite message board theories because Mondo is celebrating the 15th anniversary of LOST with a very special limited edition vinyl release. On November 15, Mondo will release LOST: We Have To Go Back (Live), a recording of Michael Giacchino's concert performance of his original score for the hit ABC series. The performance was captured live over the summer in Dublin, Ireland, where Giacchino conducted the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, playing 18 selections from the composer's beloved score. Giacchino's selections span all six seasons of the series, which concluded its run in 2010. 

Speaking about this exciting new release, Mondo's record label manager Mo Shafeek said, "With LOST, Michael Giacchino crafted some of the most iconic and memorable music in Science Fiction media of the last 15 years. This live concert album acts as a Greatest Hits of sorts, but it’s also of how important his music was to the impact of the show." 

The liner notes for the 3XLP include contributions from Giacchino, showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, and writer Tim Grieving. The release comes packaged in a hardshell slipcase featuring new artwork by JC Richard. Head over to the official Mondo website on November 15 to secure your copy.