Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, And Moon Knight Will Appear In The MCU

Marvel's Disney+ characters will make the leap to the big screen.

Just last week, Marvel's Kevin Feige reiterated that the relationship between the studio's movie and TV universes will be more harmonious with the launch of Disney+. Feige explained that fans will have to watch the Marvel TV shows on the upcoming streaming service if they hope to keep up with the action in the MCU – a somewhat troubling development that further blurs the line between television and cinema, as noted by our own JM Mutore. This week, Feige took another break from addressing Martin Scorsese's criticisms of the MCU and similar film franchises to once again reiterate how the Marvel and TV worlds will be connected: In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Feige confirmed that Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight will all transition to the MCU after debuting in their respective TV series on Disney+.

That's not terribly surprising news, but despite our apprehensions about Marvel's contributions to the monoculture, it's still a fairly exciting prospect. Last week also brought news that Jeremy Slater, whose recent credits include FOX's short-lived Exorcist TV series and Netflix's Umbrella Academy, will head up the Moon Knight series, while Rick and Morty vet Jessica Gao is taking on She-Hulk. And that's just two of the titles included in Marvel's Disney+ slate, which also boasts WandaVisionLoki (both of which will tie into the Doctor Strange sequel), The Falcon and the Winter SoldierWhat If..., and Hawkeye. Depending on your commitment to the MCU, we're all about to lose what precious little free time we had left.