Damien Chazelle Is Making A ‘20s L.A. Period Drama Called BABYLON

or, Once Upon A Time In Silent Hollywood

If there's one thing we know about Damien Chazelle, it's that the dude loves jazz. So it was pretty much inevitable that he'd one day make a film that's set in the Jazz Age, and now that day has come. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chazelle's latest project will be a film called Babylon, and it will tell the story of Hollywood's transition from silent film to talkies. Now, you may think a logline like that doesn't necessitate that jazz be involved, but actually, the film that is credited with bringing sound to mainstream film is called The Jazz Singer, and don't think for a moment Chazelle didn't know that going in.

Babylon has already started building its cast, too, with Emma Stone and Brad Pitt in talks for starring roles. According to THR's report, Stone would play Clara Bow, the original It Girl, and I can't disagree with such a casting. Brad Pitt, unfortunately, will not be playing someone called "Pitt Girl", but will instead play John Gilbert, the silent film star of The Big Parade whose career decline coincided with the rise of talkies.

Expect to learn more about Babylon before its release date on December 25, 2021. Apparently this was a tough project for even the La La Land director to get funding for, so make sure you tell all the Clara Bow fans in your life about it in the coming two years.