A MILLION LITTLE PIECES Red Band Trailer: Billy Bob Thornton Says Fuck A Lot

Not Bad Santa but Sad Santa.

It’s weird to make a straight-forward drama based on James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces, right? I get that Hollywood adapts fiction all the damn time, but adapting a fake memoir for regular old manufactured drama feels a little odd to me.

And it will continue to feel weird to me. Right up to the point where I inevitably see this film. Because against all my instincts (in addition to the above, I’m not a huge fan of Aaron Taylor-Johnson), this new red band trailer makes the film look like something I would really enjoy.

Check it out:

I’m a sucker for rehab movies, and this looks like an interesting one, even if all the details are total lies. If nothing else, you can view it as an unofficial Bad Santa sequel. That cast is too good, and it looks like director Sam Taylor-Johnson is bringing a lot of creativity to telling this story. So sure. I will be one of these million little pieces. Hopefully an edge piece.

A Million Little Pieces hits theaters and on demand December 6.