Mark Wahlberg Will Play Sully In The UNCHARTED Movie

We're starting to think this movie might actually happen.

Sony's Uncharted has not had the easiest journey to the silver screen (if you'd like a refresher of the goings-on with this production, please check out this post), but now it finally appears to be coming together: they've got Bumblebee's Travis Knight directing, Spider-Man: Far From Home's Tom Holland starring, and now they've filled another key role.

Says Variety:

"Mark Wahlberg is in final talks to co-star with Tom Holland in Uncharted, Sony’s adaptation of the hit video game.

[The] movie...follows Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who journeys across the world to uncover various historical mysteries. Wahlberg will play Victor “Sully” Sullivan, an American treasure hunter, fortune seeker and businessman, as well as a friend, mentor and father figure to Drake. Holland is set to play Drake."

Yes, that's right: Mark Wahlberg, who was once in the running to play Uncharted's Nathan Drake back when David O. Russell (of all people) was in line to helm the project, is now in final negotiations to step aboard Travis Knight's Uncharted in the role of Sully, Nathan Drake's mentor and treasure huntin' buddy. Not precisely the person we'd have imagined in that role, perhaps, but we'll take it. 

Last we heard, this one won't hit theaters until December of next year, so there's still a long way to go before we're actually sitting in a theater watching Holland and Wahlberg do action-based archaeology together. Stay tuned for further Uncharted updates as they roll in, and do keep your fingers crossed: we'd really like to see this version come together, if only to put an end to all the back-and-forth.