Quentin Tarantino Has A Big To-Do List

There's much to be done before work can begin on QT's tenth and final film.

Last night, Quentin Tarantino appeared at a BAFTA: Life In Pictures event, where the famed director (and presumptive Oscar nominee, for this year's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) offered a look ahead at the many projects he'd like to attend to before getting to work on his tenth - and, allegedly, final - film. 

Said Tarantino:

"So I finished Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, finished that script, put it aside, and then I wrote a play. And then I wrote a five-episode TV series. And right now I’m writing a book and I’m hoping that I’ll be finished in three months. So the idea will be hopefully by March maybe I’ll be finished with the book – and then, theoretically, maybe I’ll do the play, and then theoretically I’ll do the TV show, and then by that point I’ll be thinking maybe what I’ll do for the 10th movie.”

Let's see what Tarantino's to-do list looks like in actual to-do list format:

  • Release book (novel?)
  • Direct play I wrote (need audience splash zone?)
  • Do the 5-episode TV series (Netflix??)
  • Final movie (Star Trek???)

That's quite a bit for anyone to be taking on, but seems par for the course for Tarantino, who always seems to have a great number of irons in the fire. Quite frankly, we'll be happy with any of these things (we're particularly interested in whatever book Tarantino's written, not to mention this long-gestating Star Trek project; trust me when I say the as-yet-unrevealed plot on that one is bonkers), and over the moon if even half of them come to pass. We might also shell out for airfare to see a Tarantino-directed play, but let's see how much tickets are going for first. Don't wanna get locked into that commitment and then get absolutely hosed by Hamilton prices.

The real takeaway here, of course, is that Tarantino seems to be taking his time getting around to that tenth and final film. Maybe that's him putting off the inevitable. Maybe he really does want to knock these out first. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like it's gonna be a while before we're sitting in a theater watching a new Tarantino movie.

Please update your schedules accordingly, and stay tuned.