Sounds Like The Next BEVERLY HILLS COP Is Headed To Netflix

This finally appears to be happening.

After more than a decade's worth of false starts, bullshit rumors and dead ends, it appears that a new Beverly Hills Cop is finally on its way with Eddie Murphy headlining, Jerry Bruckheimer producing and Paramount Studios - home to the first three Beverly Hills Cop movies - distributing.

Oh, wait, no - that's not right. Not Paramount. Netflix

The news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter, who revealed this morning that Netflix has picked up the license to make Beverly Hills Cop IV from the studio the franchise has always called home. There's no mention here of Craig Brewer (Dolemite Is My Name, the forthcoming Coming 2 America) directing, but come on: that's absolutely how this is gonna play out. 

Paramount had its own version of Beverly Hills Cop IV in the works and slated for release as recently as 2016, but that project never materialized. Here in 2019, however, Eddie Murphy's enjoying some of the best reviews of his career for Netflix's Dolemite Is My Name, and says he's "over the moon" with how work's coming along on Brewer's Coming 2 America. Given that both he and Brewer have recently gone on record to say they'd like to bring Axel Foley back, we're not surprised someone swooped in to make it happen. We're also not surprised to find out Netflix is behind the deal: Dolemite Is My Name could very well land them an Oscar this year. Of course they wanna keep the party going.

As of this writing, there's no word on who'll be writing Beverly Hills Cop IV (we're guessing they'll bring back at least some of the Coming 2 America team, whose script for that long-awaited sequel is legitimately hilarious) or when the film might go into production, but rest assured we'll be keeping our ear to the ground for updates, and will have them in front of you just as soon as they land on our radar.

Stay tuned.