THE WAY BACK Trailer: Sad Affleck Makes Some Basketball Dreams Come True

No surprises here.

I don’t think The Way Back is here to play any tricks with you. From the title on down, this is a movie telling you exactly what it is. So then the question is, do you want to watch a story like this again? You can judge for yourself by checking out the trailer below:

So yeah, Ben Affleck is a drunk who gets a chance at redemption by coaching a bad basketball team. Director Gavin O’Conner is good at this sort of thing (have you seen the incredible Warrior?) but he’s also going to give it to you pretty straight. If you see this movie, prepare yourself for a song you’ve heard before. Possibly sung well, but familiar all the same.

I don’t even mean that as a bad thing. I have a soft spot for both O’Conner and down-and-out Affleck. I also like cliche sports movies. So yeah, I’ll probably check out The Way Back. Though what I really want is an Accountant sequel.

The Way Back comes out March 6.