FANGORIA Presents A New Novel From OUR LADY OF THE INFERNO Scribe Preston Fassel

Say hello to BEASTS OF 42ND STREET.

You might remember that last year we covered a novel called Our Lady of the Inferno, the first in the then-new Fangoria Presents imprint. I reviewed the book when it came out, and wouldn't you know it, it's pretty good! But if you thought author Preston Fassel was one and done on publishing horror stories, then today is the day you're proven a fool.

Fangoria has announced Fassel's second novel in what's being called the Inferno-verseBeasts of 42nd Street.  Check out the press release:

In the kingdom of the damned that is 42nd Street, there’s no lowlier subject than Andy Lewinski. An unrepentant junkie, voyeur, and degenerate, he’s only tolerated by the more dangerous men around him because he keeps the projectors at the Colossus Theater running on time, entertaining them with the most extreme horror cinema money can buy. There’s something unique about Andy, though. He owns a movie. It’s the only one of its kind. No one knows who made it. Only he knows where it came from. The woman it stars is beautiful beyond imagination – and the images it depicts are more nightmarish than the darkest depths of Hell. The beasts of 42nd Street will do anything to possess it, but there’s something they don’t understand. Andy loves the woman in the movie, and he’ll go to any lengths to protect her.

“BEASTS is sort of the evil older brother to OUR LADY,” Fassel remarks. “OUR LADY is this very hopeful tale set against the optimism of the 1980s, and it tells the story of the end of 42nd Street vice culture and the end of that way of life. With BEASTS, I wanted to look at it at the height of its decadence and depravity. This is Times Square in the MIDNIGHT COWBOY and TAXI DRIVER days,” he continues. “I also wanted this to be a more overtly horrific story than OUR LADY. There are some supernatural elements at play here. My jumping off point was, What if Travis Bickle found the box from HELLRAISER?”

At once a brutal homage to 1970s exploitation cinema and a ruthless evisceration of toxic fan culture, BEASTS of 42nd STREET is a journey into the mind of a psychopath – one that will have readers recoiling even as they keep coming back for more. Hell is real. Just ask Andy Lewinski. He’s seen one of their movies.

The 2020 publishing date of BEASTS OF 42nd STREET will be announced by FANGORIA in the coming months. Fans should look to the FANGORIA social media channels in anticipation of this next installment in Fassel’s Inferno-verse.  

Homage to exploitation cinema? An evisceration of toxic fan culture? Yeah, okay, you got me hooked, Preston. Where's my copy?

Keep an eye out here on BMD for future details about the upcoming release of Beasts of 42nd Street. We're hyped for this one, and if you don't understand why, then maybe you need to check out Our Lady of the Inferno in the meantime.