Fede Alvarez’s Next Horror Movie Described As “THE SHINING In The White House”

Somehow not a documentary.

Here's an intriguing pair of updates: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fede Alvarez and Rodolfo Sayagues' production banner, Bad Hombre, has signed a first-look deal with Legendary Pictures, and they've already got a pair of interesting horror projects lined up. 

The first: a reboot of Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This story apparently made the rounds all the way back in September, during Fantastic Fest, which explains why the BMD staff was so surprised to hear it today. We didn't know that was happening, and now that we do - we approve! Alvarez's Evil Dead remake (2013) and Don't Breathe (2016) were both mean-spirited, nasty little pieces of work, and both strongly indicate that he'd do something memorable with the Texas Chain Saw property. We're imagining something gruesome, problematic, and grimy, which sounds about right to us. 

The more interesting project, however, is described as "The Shining set in the White House". We have no idea what that means in this context (I mean, it could honestly mean a lot of things), but we do know there simply isn't enough crossover between the horror and political-drama genres. If this project - which, as of this writing, remains untitled - lives up to that description, we imagine Alvarez's film will revolve around an unhinged lunatic who somehow finds himself placed in charge of things at the White House, where he'll be forced to battle both isolation and his inner demons alongside his abused family. We can't imagine how Alvarez and Sayagues came up with this idea. 

Nothing further to report on either of these projects at this time, but we're looking forward to learning more about each of them, and will keep you informed on both as further updates roll in. Stay tuned.