Harrison Ford is headed to the Yukon.

Jack London's Call of The Wild is an unmitigated classic, and it's been adapted for the screen on many occasions (starting with a 1923 silent film and right up to 1997, when the story was adapted with Rutger Hauer in the lead). Now it's headed back to theaters with a big-ass budget (reportedly $90M), a big-ass star (Harrison Ford) and one of the cutest goddamn digital dogs I have ever seen in my life.

Here's the first trailer.

Call of The Wild was one of many projects currently in development at 20th Century Fox when the Disney/Fox merger occurred, which is kind of ironic given how much this trailer reminds me of a classic live-action Disney movie. It's got everything: the star power, the sweeping vistas, the - and I really cannot stress this enough - cutest goddamn digital dog I have ever seen. It looks wholesome and adventurous, to a degree that oughtta appeal to both parents and their kids. I wasn't sure I cared about another Call of The Wild adaptation, but I'll absolutely show up for this one when it hits theaters. But so help me God if they hurt that goddamn dog...

Oh, look, we've got the first poster, too.

Pretty good! Does what it needs to do! Mostly I'm just excited to see Harrison Ford headlining a movie again (yes, I know he was in Blade Runner 2049 and The Force Awakens, but the former was mostly Gosling's movie and the latter had Ford in more of a supporting role). Added bonus: dude seems fully awake and engaged by the material! Not always a guarantee! 

Anyway, Call of The Wild hits theaters on February 21st. Y'all interested in this one? Sound off below.