The RISE OF SKYWALKER Character Posters Have Arisen

Yes, including Lando.

Our big Star Wars journey is about to end. This one, I mean. Another one is likely going to start eventually. And in the meantime, we have Disney+ giving us Star Wars television (which has been really great so far). But this whole thing with Rey and Poe and Kylo and Finn is about to get all wrapped up. I mean, at least I think it is.

We all know it's coming. We’re all going to see it. Promotional materials don’t really matter in this case. Nevertheless, they made a bunch of character posters:

These are nice, solid posters. The only pizazz being the way everyone slightly extends past their image’s border. The core characters we’re familiar with from the last two films remain mostly unchanged. The exciting notes here belong to new characters, whose names/deals/etc. I do not know. But hey, they look cool! Also noteworthy is the inclusion of Lando and lack of Leia. I’m choosing not to read much into that at this time.

As you’ve just been told a dozen times, The Rise of Skywalker hits December 20. That’s a month from now!