Well, They’re Making Another ROBOCOP 2

This one directed by LITTLE MONSTERS’ Abe Forsythe.

Okay here is the nitty-gritty. THR just spoke up with some wacky news. Little Monsters (not that one) director Abe Forsythe is going to make a new RoboCop movie, currently called RoboCop Returns. It’s not part of the remake universe. In fact, it’s a direct sequel to the first RoboCop, marking another step in this trend of choosing which films you are making sequels to and which ones audiences are supposed to ignore. No great crime there, I suppose, as the two RoboCop sequels we’d be forgetting aren’t very good (okay, the second one has some pretty great stuff in it).

If this is going to happen, it’s going to happen with or without our whining about it, so we might as well make peace with the fact that another RoboCop 2 is coming down the pike. The curious element here is Forsythe. I liked Little Monsters, but unless RoboCop Returns is a comedy, I didn’t see anything in that film which would make him an obvious choice here. I guess the good news is he’s not afraid of R-rated material. Honestly I should shut my pie hole about this because I still haven’t seen his debut, Down Under. Maybe it is a gory capitalism satire about a fucked up cop.

There is so much to be angry about these days, I prefer to look on the bright side if possible. In this case, at least it’s not a sequel to the reboot. And at least it’s not a Neill Blomkamp movie. It’ll be interesting to see the old RoboCop outfit doing things in the modern special effects era (or it could be a huge bummer now that I think about it). Maybe maybe maybe, this’ll be a super great new RoboCop movie for us all to enjoy. Fingers crossed.