Yorgos Lanthimos Will Introduce Us To THE MAN IN THE ROCKEFELLER SUIT

In which the director of THE FAVOURITE tackles a limited series.

Here's an exciting piece of news to start the day with: according to Deadline, Yorgos Lanthimos, last seen racking up ten (very well-deserved) Oscar nominations for 2018's The Favourite, has settled on his next project - a limited series based on Mark Seal’s bestselling non-fiction book The Man In The Rockefeller Suit: The Astonishing Rise and Spectacular Fall of a Serial Impostor.

As the title implies, The Man In The Rockefeller Suit is an impostor tale, one which tells the story of "Clark Rockefeller, a gregarious, successful, and mysterious descendant of the Rockefeller clan. When his wife Sandra begins to suspect that Clark isn’t who he says he is, his decades-long web of deception slowly begins to unravel."

Deception? An impostor climbing a high society social ladder? Mysterious people with sinister motives doing weird shit? Oh, yes, this material is definitely in the Lanthimos wheelhouse. He's a perfect fit, and with all those recent Oscar nominations I'm willing to bet that Lanthimos (and Searchlight, who'll produce) will have no trouble finding a home for this one.

Nothing further to report at this time, but we are very excited about this one and will keep you informed as further updates roll in. Stay tuned.