THE MANDALORIAN Episode 3 Discussion Thread

All hail Werner Herzog.

This is a discussion thread for The Mandalorian episode three. In other words, there will be spoilers.

Speaking broadly, the skeleton of this week’s Mandalorian episode was inevitable according to the tropes in which the series trades. Of course the Mandalorian would find himself unable to abandon Baby Yoda to death and torment and whatever else at the hands of Werner Herzog. And of course his break from the bounty hunter code was going to make him a wanted man. But his rescue by fellow Mandalorians gave it that cool Star Wars edge that made all the difference. Now, instead of a show about one cool Mandalorian, we have a whole shitload of them.

I hope this thread continues. The survival of Carl Weathers’ character indicates we are not done with this planet quite yet, but a lot can happen in the next five episodes. While last week and this week’s narrative events were somewhat dictated the moment we first saw Baby Yoda, the rest of the series’ arc feels a bit more uncertain beyond unlocking just who Baby Yoda is, why remnants of the Empire want it so badly, and what possible safety can await it.

The next five weeks are going to fly by, I’m sure. This show has been such a delightful surprise. I expected it to be good, but not quite this good. The episodes look great, but the smaller scope indicates a confidence in storytelling rather than bombast that goes a long way toward making this a far cooler and more inviting Star Wars journey than I thought we’d get.

What did you think? Feel free to discuss the episode below but remember, be nice to one another! I’ll see you next week for episode four!