The New HONEY BOY Trailer Comes With Receipts

This movie's great, and this trailer's got proof.

Here is what I can tell you about Alma Har'el's Honey Boy: given the subject matter (it's an autobiographical retelling of Shia LaBeouf's troubled showbiz upbringing, starring Noah Jupe as Shia LaBeouf and LaBeouf as his own abusive father) it's a bit of a rough sit, one that will absolutely stick with you long after you're done watching the film. It's a rough experience.

But - but! - Honey Boy is one hell of a movie, and the performances within it are across the board excellent. LaBeouf really does deserve to be in this year's Oscars conversation (as does Har'el, who made her feature debut here). It really is as potent and beautiful as the hype implies. It might not be the best movie we've seen this year, but it's definitely one of the most memorable.

Y'know who agrees? The bazillion critics and publications quoted in this new Honey Boy trailer.

Will Honey Boy appeal to the BMD readership? I think so. Y'all are a smart and thoughtful bunch, and I think the sheer raw energy of this movie, which is considerable, will be of great interest to the BMD crowd. There's much to discuss and dissect here, and I'd be very curious to hear what y'all make of it.

Anyway, Honey Boy's in theaters now and will arrive on Amazon Prime at some point in the nearish future. We recommend it.