Wanna Hear Marilyn Manson Covering The Doors For Josh Boone’s THE STAND?

Well, too bad, you're hearing it, anyway.

All the way back in July, we learned that Marilyn Manson (former Antichrist Superstar, current Very Serious Character Actor) would be playing a role in Josh Boone's forthcoming adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand. At the time, Manson didn't clarify which character he'd be playing in the CBS All Access series, but did mention that he'd recorded a cover of The Doors' "The Is The End" for the soundtrack.

Today, we're finally hearing that Doors cover.

I am going to be frank with you: I have neither the time nor the inclination to listen to an eight-and-a-half minute cover of "This Is The End" this morning, but I imagine that some of you do, and we wanted to make that option available to you. So, there it is. The choice is yours. Please let me know if it's worth circling back around to.

In the meantime: Manson's role in The Stand remains unknown, but there's no way this dude isn't playing Trashcan Man, right? Virtually every other major role in Boone's sprawling production (which will feature a new ending written by Stephen King and ten episode's worth of end-of-the-world content) has already been announced. Why they'd continue to withhold this piece of information is beyond me, but who knows what they're up to over there? 

Anyway, stay tuned for more on CBS All Access' adaptation of The Stand as further updates become available.